Riley Parra winding down…

On December 1, theĀ  Riley Parra Season 2 stories will be put into the vault. They will be made available again in the future, but for the time being they will be put aside while Season 3 is prepared (yes! There WILL be a season 3!). So if you know anyone who has been reading Season 1, let them know that their time is running out. They can always buy now and read later. If there’s someone you want to buy access for as a Christmas gift, better do it now!

As an added bonus, there are plans brewing for a print edition of Riley Parra Season 1 to be released in book form! Purchasers of Riley Season 2 will receive a discount on their purchase of the book (stay tuned for details of that).

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased! I hope you enjoy the stories!