Signal Boost for Riley Parra!

Signal boost!

Tello Films is excited about Riley, but they have to know everyone else is, too! It’s going to be a big undertaking and they can’t make it blindly. They have to know you guys are out there! They want to know what kind of support they can expect for their investment. So click the following link and get the word out! Spread it far and wide and let them know that you want to see Riley and her cohorts brought to life! If you’re sick of TNT teasing Rizzoli & Isles while never delivering, make your voice heard to producers who will actually let the detective and the medical examiner make out with each other! (full disclosure, I wrote the first Riley story before Rizzoli & Isles came along, but even if I hadn’t, I’m sure a Detective/ME pairing would have cropped up in my writing somewhere. ;))

This can only happen if the fans and the support is there! Click this link, tweet the tweet, and then spread the word as far and wide as you can. If you want to support this but don’t have a Twitter, let me know and we’ll see if there’s an alternative you can use to get the word out.