Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I’m yours! Or, rather, Tilting at Windmills is P.D. Publishing’s. I have the signed contract and the sweet little advance check (which I may or may not have already been spending. ~cough~ What can I say, I have trust in my bosses. <g>), so it’s officially official even if the P.D. website hasn’t been updated yet (I understand their need; I figure they’re waiting until they have a nice amount of news to post at once rather than just posting every single new development. Totally wise, and totally what I would do in their case).

So be on the lookout for Claire Lance and the first novel in her series, coming late 2009!

Speaking of the series, I’m thinking of giving it an all-encompassing name. Like “Tilting at Windmills is the first story in the [blank] series.” I’m thinking of┬áthe Josh Ritter lyric, “The Stories of My Scars,” which really kind of fits what poor Lance has to go through in these books (she does come out with a scar or two before the series is over, poor thing). We shall see what happens!

And speaking of Josh Ritter… if you already have my novel On the Air, and once you buy Gemini (coming very soon! <g>), consider buying a Josh Ritter CD. Historical Conquests, Animal Years, any of them would be a good buy! /end commercial