Silence Out Loud

Yesterday I put a new contract in the mail all signed up with my name in the blank, so I consider it official enough to make the announcement here.

My eighth book with P.D. Publishing will be Silence Out Loud. I’m so proud of this book, and so relieved it’s finally on its slow journey to bookshelves. The main character of the novel is Cheryl Paxton. She is a lesbian (naturally) and the story focuses on her journey growing up, falling in love, falling out of love, and eventually figuring out who she is. It’s probably one of my most epic stories, following the character from a very young age to adulthood, and it’s also unique in that the main character is a Deaf woman.

The inspiration for this character was Marlee Matlin, and her never say die attitude. There was a time – I think it was around 2007 – when Marlee seemed to be in everything I watched. My Name is Earl, CSI: NY… I couldn’t get away from her (not that I would have tried very hard). But it made me wonder why there weren’t more stories with Deaf protagonists. It’s not that hard to indicate when someone is signing and when they’re speaking. So I gave it a shot. And now, the product of that will soon be available for purchase from fine bookstores everywhere, and also (rimshot).

In other long-awaited news: Riley Parra Season 2 is “in production” as we speak. I have a hesitant start-date in mind, but I don’t want to put anything in stone yet. We’ll see how fast I can write. ~g~ I’ll keep everyone apprised!