The contest has been running for a week, and already there’s a frontrunner in the contest! Someone went back and left a mind-boggling ELEVEN reviews on her past purchases. Since she asked, and other people might be interested in knowing, every review is a different entry. So right now there’s a very good chance she could get all five covers if I picked randomly!

All you have to do is leave a review on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobobooks,, anywhere, wherever you got your copy of the book you want to review. Even if you didn’t love it, just be honest with how you felt. Of the eleven reviews the frontrunner left, most were four-star (and one was three-star, gasp, how dare she?!? ::g::).

Also, a review was left for Gunfire Echoes on on 3/3, but there’s no identifying information. So while that person is technically in the contest, there’s no way to identify them as a winner! So remember, when you leave your review, be sure to post a comment here, on my Livejournal, or on Twitter so I’ll be able to enter you in the contest.

The winners will be revealed here on my blog on April 1! So get those reviews in, and be sure to check out The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary when it’s released on March 15!