Take a Cup o’ Kindness Yet

Well, it’s not quite New Years, but I’ll go ahead and wish everyone a happy New Year anyway. I hope everyone’s Christmas was great! And I would like to say hello to a brand-new reader of this blog: my mommy! Hi, mommy. ~waves~ Yep, she knows the truth at long last! So that’s a relief and a half, being able to talk to her about all this ~gestures at website at novels~ even if it was a little awkward telling her what, exactly, I wrote about. <g>

My new years resolution is to recycle more soda cans. I throw a lot away, I figure recycling them could make a good dent. We’ll see. I have a big sack of crushed cans next to the desk and, hopefully, I’ll figure out where to hand them off to get them recycled. I’m getting into the habit of crushing my cans when I finish drinking rather than just tossing them at the trash can, which is good.

My other new years resolution… well, I have three novels waiting in the wings with P.D. Publishing and I should hopefully, maybe, fingers-crossed, get an answer on one or two of them very soon. Watch this blog for info. So I hope to have three books signed and three books (Gemini, World on Fire and Tilting at Windmills) available for purchase¬†before this time next¬†year.

I’ll see you all in January!