The Squire’s Isle Novel

I write a lot of Squire’s Isle stories, mainly because I like using them as little snapshots to check in with the ladies. I don’t want too much drama infringing on their lives. A little drama. The day-to-day stuff. But nothing so big as to require a whole novel. That said, I do still want to write a novel that brings in every one of the islanders. Not a cameo here or a mention there. I want it to be a lesbian Avengers. I want to do an island-wide story that has Nadine, Patricia, Amy, Jill, Miranda, Alex, Kate, Vanessa, Cheryl, Rachel, Nicole, and everyone else.

I had an idea for a novel like that once. It was all plotted out and everything, but there was one huge problem with it: someone died. I didn’t expect it. I stared at the notes for so long trying to convince myself that “Yes, if this story gets written, that scene has to happen.” That person had to die. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that character wasn’t doomed. She wasn’t going to be killed off. It wasn’t about how the audience would react, it wasn’t about being too cowardly to kill off someone I love. It was because that was not how her story ended.

So to save her life, I scrapped the entire thing. That particular story, that chain of events, will never happen to Squire’s Isle. But I still do want to write something big and crossover-ish. I want to use this little town I created to tell a big, fantastic story.

One day I will figure out a story that is true to everyone and true to the island. Until then, it will just have to be my white whale.