Tilting at Windmills

News from P.D. Publishing today. It’s not exactly official, since I haven’t signed the contract. But I will when I get it, so it’s close enough to official for me. They accepted my fourth novel, Tilting at Windmills to be published in October 2009. I am very excited about this, as you can imagine, as I felt this novel had tremendous potential. The plan is to make this the first in a series of novels about the character of Claire Lance, and I have the others mostly plotted out. Skeleton plots, but plots nonetheless. Look for it soon!

Tilting at Windmills When her car breaks down outside of Saxe, Texas, all Claire Lance wants to do is keep her head down, and get back on the road. But when she wanders into the Four Roses Bar, she’s forced to take action to save the life of Gwen Morse, the bartender.¬†When the violence escalates and a group of very dangerous men suddenly have reason to want her dead, Lance has no choice but to go on the run with Gwen in tow. But what Gwen doesn’t know is that Lance’s past is just as deadly… and it’s going to catch up with them.