Who is Riley Parra?

For all those Tello subscribers and followers who are wondering “Just who IS Riley Parra?”, allow me to educate you!

Riley Parra is a cop in a town gone to hell. Over the years certain parts of the city have gotten so crime-ridden that even the police refuse to go there anymore. Dubbed No Man’s Land, these fringe neighborhoods are where law-abiding citizens are only welcome as victims even when the sun is up. Riley grew up in No Man’s Land, so she refuses to stand idly by while her city is eaten alive from the inside out. During the course of her latest investigation, she stumbles over the shocking truth that the decline of her home is because angels and demons are real, and they’re doing battle in No Man’s Land. Declared champion for the side of good, Riley teams up with her guardian angel – undercover as a mortal to better protect Riley and aid her in the coming battle – and a beautiful medical examiner that Riley must keep at arm’s length for her own safety. If demons want a fight, then Riley and her friends are more than willing to give them one.

The short-story series was originally released episodically online, then collected into “seasons” and released as ebooks. Now Tello is looking to turn them into an honest-to-goodness webseries, but they want to do it right. That means money, and that means getting the word out and making sure people want this. I know people want this! We just have to make our voices heard!

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