World on Fire Acknowledgements

I just got my author’s copies of World on Fire today (and yes, Morgan and Mary, that means your copies are going to be on their way ASAP!) and I noticed there was something missing from it! There are no acknowledgements at the front of the book! Eep! This is a shame because I actually had people to thank this time around. <g> Anyway, I thought it was better to say it here than to not say it at all, so everyone take a minute and tip your hat to the people mentioned here. People mentioned here, take a moment to stand and take a bow. <g>


The book you’re holding in your hands (let’s just assume you’re holding it in your hands while reading my blog. ~wink~) made it there because of a lot of hard work and dedication from Barb Coles and Linda Daniel, the engine that makes P.D. Publishing run. I am forever grateful to them for their hard work to make my dream come true. This, my third published novel, is amazing and something that I thought I would only dream about.

I also want to thank Leslie Ann Miller and Patty Schram for their input on firefighting. There are a few things that were in the book that got fixed because of their input, so they saved me a lot of red-faced apologies. Anything that is still wrong is due to my negligence, not their lack of effort. Blame me, not them. They tried their best, they really did.

To Chris Case, for her support and cheerleading and badgering throughout the writing process of this and every novel. My books wouldn’t be the same without you being by my side, and I’m grateful for that support every day.

And huge thanks go to Mary Evanov. Mary donated to Equality USA to help the fight to legalize gay marriage and, in honor of that, she receives the dubious distinction of having her name appear in one of my novels. Sorry it took so long, but I thank you for your patience and your generosity.

Finally, this novel was written in honor of every firefighter out there, man and woman, who put their lives on the line every single day.