World On Fire – Available Now!

That’s right, everybody, the wait is over! World in Fire is available now at! I told you the wait wouldn’t be as long for this one. ;-D You can go buy it right now (I suggest buying it from instead of Amazon (you know how Amazon acts, and isn’t it better for your money to go to a smaller company than some big conglomerate?), but if you just can’t wait for it to be available there, I understand!)

From the back cover: Firefighter Alexandra Crawford’s world is about to ignite in more ways than one. After a particularly bad fire leaves Alex and another member of her team in the hospital, she finds herself entranced by Dr. Rachel Tom. She doesn’t plan to fall in love and doesn’t need the hassles of a new relationship, but she’s not the kind to let something so good slip through her fingers. But the relationship may be over before it begins. Alex soon realizes that the horrible blazes they’ve been fighting recently are too uniform to be anything but arson. And if she’s right, someone is setting fires for the express purpose of killing firefighters.

For reasons that should be apparent, this book is set in the same universe as On the Air, but it takes place about one to two years prior to that novel. In case you want to shelve my books in chronological order on your bookshelves. <g>